Our Progress

After a year of traipsing through open homes every weekend and attending numerous auctions, we eventually moved into our sweet little house in suburban Auckland the day our Master W turned 6 months.

He, followed by his little sister Miss E, have grown up to the sound of saws and hammering.

Two children, and one house becoming a home – this is what we call progress:

The front yard




The back yard




The kitchen and dining



0603_after_kitchen 0603_after_kitchen1 0603_after_kitchen2 0603_after_kitchen3 0603_after_kitchen4

The lounge

0603_before_lounge1 0603_before_lounge0603_after_lounge



Office nook

0603_before_office 0603_after_office1 0603_after_office

0603_after_office2 0603_after_office3

This space is all done! The only to do is an ongoing one:

  • Keep it tidy!!! (And sort out those awful cables)




Again, this space is all done. I just need to:

  • Keep it tidy!!!




0603_after_bathroom 0603_after_bathroom1

  • Paint trim and toilet cistern white
  • Strip wallpaper
  • Replace shower
  • Replace toilet
  • Replace vanity
  • Repaint bath
  • Sort out some better storage and towel hanging space
  • Clean and prep wall and ceiling for painting
  • Replace skirting and trim on panelling for something more modern
  • Paint panelling, wall, ceiling
  • Hang vintage mirror collection
  • Add artwork

Kids bedroom



Master bedroom

0603_before_master-bedroom1 0603_before_master-bedroom0909_2069_progress0909_2085_progress

Spare bedroom (combined playroom?)


Entrance and hallway


  • Paint front door and trim
  • Patch or replace ceiling
  • Clean and patch walls
  • Paint walls and ceiling – partly done
  • Add artwork
  • Add a runner or entrance rug
  • Add shoe storage and hooks/shelf near front door

…And then we’ll be done! And we’ll live our happily ever after 😉

9 thoughts on “Our Progress

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  3. Leanne

    What a transformation! There’s so much to love about this house. I love the polished concrete floor in your kitchen, and the white couch is really cool. I think you did the right thing to remove the tiles from the fireplace surround, it looks great stripped back to the original brick. Can’t wait to see what you do with the master bedroom and back yard area. So much hard work, but that’s the great reward too.

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