Backyard planning: A vision for privacy and safety

We could go to Bunnings and purchased a readymade balustrade system. Or we could custom design a different style of balustrading or screening on all sides of our deck. 10 points for guessing correctly. Actually make that 0 points – it’s far too obvious. If there is anything consistent in our renovation style, it is […]

Backyard plans

The more time I spend on Pinterest, and the more we clear out the backyard, the more ideas I have for how to make our odd little backyard a pretty, functional and “something for everyone” space. Right now, I have a couple of quite different ideas. But first, here’s what we have (or will have […]

Mud at the front door

After a second go over with Kiwicare’s Organic Weedfree Rapid, most greenery on our front patch had turned to brownery. So… plan A to borrow a digger didn’t work out. (Yes there were tears from Master W, and maybe even some from me!) And Andre didn’t get far beyond this corner before he threw in […]

How do we DIY?… Tortoise or hare?

I’m an avid home magazine and design blog reader. Which is good for relaxation and inspiration, but not so good for making me feel awesome about our own progress. Reading about home owners bemoaning the fact that their renovation took “more than 6 months!” makes me cringe inside a little. We thought we were being […]

It all adds up

A month ago this was where we were at. And then I got all gloomy and felt like nothing was happening so I got a little envious over someone else’s awesome (finished) space… But I’ve just collated all my photos of the last few weeks, and lo and behold – progress! If you feel like […]

I call that a lawn

As Master W would say (he gets this one from his mama), “Pretty much!”. Pretty much a lawn. If it needs mowing it’s a lawn right?! Oh I just love our front yard. It’s far from magazine-worthy but it doesn’t scare me anymore. And I’m even a bit proud of it! And the lawn… well […]

Pots on the patio

Warning: this post may contain a few mildly irritating references to pottering. Some days are just plain old rewarding. Saturday was like that. After a morning doing kid things like the crazy-long-queue Lego show, the afternoon was spent pottering outside in the front yard. It was looking a little sad after some battering rain, and […]

The grass is greener on this side

Hey thanks for stopping in last week, even though I was on a self-imposed blogging break. I appreciate it! There has been a few instagram (@duckeggblueblog) pics – which incidentally also end up on Facebook – of our front yard progress. But if you’re like me, you’ll be wanting a step by step rundown all in one place […]

Because green is the new grey

Hey Mr Big Concrete Slab… we had a date remember? It was fun, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing you again. We’re looking for something a little more… green.   Ten points for spotting the cute boy in the grey hoodie: Bonus points: Aww who’s the cutest l’il Daddy’s helper? Clue: Not the one in the […]