Backyard planning: A vision for privacy and safety

We could go to Bunnings and purchased a readymade balustrade system. Or we could custom design a different style of balustrading or screening on all sides of our deck. 10 points for guessing correctly. Actually make that 0 points – it’s far too obvious. If there is anything consistent in our renovation style, it is […]

Backyard update: Getting productive

After a few weeks of demolition fun out the back we had a short break in Christchurch, and now, as of last weekend, we’re into production of a new deck! But first, a couple more prep steps from the previous weekend – digging some giant, child-sized post holes, and waterblasting. Our kid sized earmuffs by Peltor […]

Backyard plans

The more time I spend on Pinterest, and the more we clear out the backyard, the more ideas I have for how to make our odd little backyard a pretty, functional and “something for everyone” space. Right now, I have a couple of quite different ideas. But first, here’s what we have (or will have […]

Covering it all up, and a dad joke

Well hello there…glossing right over my long absence from keeping you updated on our progress, I have progress to share with you in spades. Or shovels actually – square front, because they’re the best for this job so I’m told. The last I clued you in on what we’ve been up to in the backyard, […]

Summer lovin’

What an absolutely stunning summer we are enjoying here in Auckland this year! It’s hot, dry and the locals will agree that it’s not even humid! We were lucky to spend a few glorious days at a bach on Waiheke Island. So, this was our summer – beach fossicking, swimming, stunning views, and a few […]

Pin of the day: Spring is in the air

  I spent a lot of Saturday in the garden, and I’m so pleased to have tidied up all of the front and side yards. No longer are they overgrown with weeds (or those herbs I planted and forgot what they are…), and although they are still looking a little wintery and bare, at least we’re […]

Our midcentury outdoors

I made a promise on Instagram this morning that I’d get a backyard progress post up. And I know I’ve been saying the same thing on here for days now. So, I hereby dedicate my entire afternoon (yes it will probably take me that long) including all available precious few moments of near silence with Miss […]

One brick at a time

A few days ago I showed you our brick wall out the back, but I wanted to also share the process, in case you’re considering something similar. Because it was a little more of a process than we thought it would be, even though this was a rare project we decided to bring in a […]

A brick wall to talk to

You don’t want to listen? Fine… I’d rather talk to the brick wall anyway. I’ll stop short of saying it’s better looking, but… well… …It is looking mighty fine! After two long weeks I can finally share our finished brick stair wall. I even managed to wait patiently for the rain that was promised over […]