Going backwards to go forwards

I’ve been itching to get a progress update on here, because there has been a bunch of stuff going on with just little hints shared here and there.

But… there’s not a room in the house that doesn’t have that “work in progress” vibe. The front room (below – first sneaky peek of that progress!) just has a hint of it, with it’s bare walls and badly styled shelves, but every other way I look it’s far from subtle.


The dining area currently houses a cabinet destined to be the new bathroom vanity, along with a stack of chairs and cushions that used to belong in the lounge.

The lounge furniture is packed and stacked tight in the middle of the room because we intended to get onto painting the freshly plastered walls and ceiling much sooner than we have… (haven’t yet!).

The kids bedroom is a haphazard halfway point between building a loft bed but not quite got to rearranging the other furniture and artwork to work with the new layout…


The map prints from the lounge are leaning up against the wall in our bedroom, precariously close to kid-sized somersaulting on the bed feet.


All that, and the arrival of spring is also making me freak out about the state of my kitchen cupboards and the contents of all wardrobes in the house. A massive declutter suddenly feels like a matter of urgency!

Plus, I miss this edition of the kids room. Why did they have to go and grow so quickly and need full size beds already?!



In the meantime… we are actually crossing things off the list, and I know it’ll all come together and look fab again soon. Real soon… because I can’t stand it much longer!!!

3 thoughts on “Going backwards to go forwards

  1. Ruth

    Yay…Lovely to see some more movement forward. I feel in the same way around here…My living room is one quarter painted (the end we took the chimney out and put the wood burner in)..my toilet currently has jibbed and FINALLY plastered walls from 1.2 m down and wall paper from there up!.. and everywhere else there are ongoing signs that there is much work to be done! But it isn’t the house that is important…it is the life lived in it! Persevere and enjoy those wee ones while they ARE still little.

    Ruth inNZ

    1. Jolene Post author

      Aww Ruth that’s sweet! Yes, I’m still on that learning curve of remembering to embrace the here and now and enjoy the process. To be honest it’s less about the kids now that they’re that little bit older, and more about life just taking all our time right now! Renovating has taken a back seat for a bit, and that’s ok 🙂

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