Small spaces: A brick cottage

My brain is a little stuck on brick this week. Y’all know there’s a pile of bricks in our backyard? That pile is slowly turning into something A-MAAA-zing and I can’t wait to share some photos!

Oh, to live in a small brick cottage with a red door and garden at the front.

But today I just have this sweet little cottage deep in the woods of NJ (or forest as we say down here). I’m not sure I could live permanently in something so enclosed (I need my sunshine) but wouldn’t this be such a relaxing place to escape to? I can see picnics on the grass and kids running barefoot in the forest in the summer. And in the winter, it’d be the ideal place to curl up in a king sized duvet by the fire with a stack of books!

On that note… the weather in Auckland is eerily in line with the calendar, and the first day of Autumn came with a marked change from hot and steamy to suddenly very chilly and we’re all scrambling for slippers and dressing gowns and cardigans and socks.

Awww, bye summer…


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