Our DIY Kids Play Kitchen


As promised, I’m back with the big play kitchen reveal! Today I’ll stick with lots of pictures and a few words, all about the finished project, and next up I’ll be back with the big lowdown on how we got it made, and what it cost us in time and money. I need some more time to get my brain back into a higher gear for that one!

I’ve been sketching plans for this little kitchen for over a year now, and have had dibs on the bedside cabinets (which Andre built many years ago) in our master bedroom for conversion purposes.


Initially my plans were rather grand, and included everything a kitchen needs, using both the cabinets. But thankfully Andre was able to talk me down and we eventually settled on a mini kitchen, using just one of the cabinets.

We flipped it on it’s side, see?


There was a lot of sanding, painting, trawling second hand shops and Bunnings, cajoling of the husband, and admittedly, lying to Master W. “Oh Daddy is just working on my shelves again. They’re taking a long time aren’t they?” But by 1am on Christmas morning, we threw the towel in on and called it done!


And here it is:


0108_9190 0108_9188 0108_9176 0108_9175 0108_9173

From that very first grin on taking the towel away (top photo) to today, the blood, sweat and tears were worth it. They love it! And we all dined on pretend omelette on Christmas morning!

0108_8946 0108_8945 0108_8943 0108_8930

I’ll be back with details real soon… just off to grab another spoonful of the “tuna yoghurt” Miss E whipped up last night. Mmm mmmm!

8 thoughts on “Our DIY Kids Play Kitchen

    1. Jolene Post author

      Aren’t they Miss Browne?! And lucky for us that they do love it and the signs are all there for it to be “the most used” of all their toys. Bring your kids around for a play!

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