A deck for summer

As promised, I’m back with a few progress shots of our backyard. I’ve been a little slow to post an update, not just because weather made things a little less photogenic for a while, but because we’re at that awkward, inbetween stage of A to B where things just get confusing if you don’t have a clear view of the B in mind!

So put your visionary goggles on for this one!

A couple of months ago this is how things were looking out the back.


This is the same(ish) view now!


We have ourselves a deck to dine on, play on, sun ourselves on, and stargaze on! It feels so, so good to be at this point, and I’m so grateful for our warm and summery weather of the last few weeks (I’m doing my best to forget those two days of incessant rain!).



Our custom balustrade is completed and installed and I am so happy with it! We took a popular midcentury design and modified it to meet modern safety requirements. I was worried the V shape would be so narrow it would barely even give a nod to its predecessor, but I do feel like we got away with it! Phew! One thing I’m not entirely happy about is the colour, but I’m reserving judgement until we firm up some plans for a frame (see below!).

1211_8725A few temporary measures have been taken to ensure child safety, and enjoyment of this space, until we move onto the next stage of progress which we’ll get to after a few weeks of Christmas and holiday fun. The handrail down the stairs, along with the plastic netting on attached to the full height screen are not part of the vision! The handrail will be replaced with a brick wall/handrail, and here is a little preview of our vision for the screen:


We are also weighing up our options for a “steel frame” to make this outdoor space feel a little more like a room, than just an open deck.

It may or may not include rafters across the top, for some extra potential in hanging furniture or decor! You can see below my vision for planting too… a jasmine hedge is underway in the narrow garden space behind the screen but it may take some time to fill in like this! Also, we have a few little marigolds in the planter box at the moment, but plan to replace them with some kind of climbing/overhanging vine to add a little privacy and interest to that side of the deck.


If you scroll right back up to the top, you can see that things are all rather brown and grey at the moment, so I’m grateful for the little bits of greenery that we have, and couldn’t resist these close ups of the plum tree, and concrete planters, and a sneaky nasturtium peeking through the neighbours fence.




Here’s to a relaxing holiday season, and lots of enthusiasm to finish this space off in 2014!

14 thoughts on “A deck for summer

  1. Kat

    That looks great! The custom balustrade is a lovely point of difference.

    Looking forward to seeing how you screen parts of the deck. Next summer we’re planning to do something similar out the back of our place… and you and Andre are definitely providing inspiration!

  2. Steph

    Lovely house and deck progress! My deck is deeply jealous of yours, it would like a classy retro balustrade rather than its current treated-pine rails.

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  9. Zara Lunson

    Your balustrade is precisely what I’ve been looking for- it is such a gorgeous modern (*excessively safe) version!! Well done! I fear it pushed the budget somewhat, am I right? I may as well look the other way if so 🙈

    1. Jolene Post author

      Thanks Zara! It totally meets the safety requirements, and doesn’t lose too much of it’s style in the process 🙂 We actually had this made as payment for services so I never did know the real price, but yes, anything custom made is going to be more than you could find a standard balustrade for. Good luck with yours 🙂


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