It’s Christmas

We’re running a little late on Christmas this year but as of the weekend, the Duck Egg Blue house is all caught up.


Christmas is happening… let’s get excited!

A massive pine tree at my parents place gifted us a small branch this year. After a couple of years of doing things a little more alternatively (with mixed success) I was hankering for the real deal this year, especially now the kids are old enough to get Christmas a little better.


Here’s our little tree, in all it’s perfect imperfectness! (It’s a wee bit crooked, and a wee bit haphazardly decorated but I love it to bits!)


1210_87561210_87781210_88071210_87861210_88271210_8800It helps to have someone in the family whose idea of Christmas goes as far as eating ham and turkey. They are happy doing the dishes while everyone else gets on with more festive things!


How annoying are people who get in your face with the camera or force you into Christmasness by surrounding you with ornaments when you’ve had enough already?!


Awww. It only comes once a year, and for us on the upside-down-side of the world, it’s all summer holidays and sunshine too (we hope). Let’s enjoy it!


Merry Christmas everyone!

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