All in the open

We’ve been having some gorgeous spring weather lately, and the other day I got inspired to clean and rearrange the open shelves in our kitchen… Lighten them up a little, to go with the sun streaming in the windows across the other side.


I won’t dwell on the cleaning process, but it is the only definite disadvantage to open shelves in a kitchen. Ours also happen to be right above the stove. There was a lot of ick, but I’m still in love with them and wouldn’t have our kitchen any other way. How amazing is that?!


When these clever-husband-built-shelves were first installed, they got loaded with every single plate and drinking vessel we owned, plus recipe books and sundae dishes and jugs I never used. As a testament to Andre’s design and build skills, these shelves held up without so much as a groan, but I never intended for them to just be a place to put things. So the sundae dishes have gone to my charity box, and most of a dinner set and the recipe books got put away elsewhere. Now my cupboards are well and truly stuffed full, but I just shut the doors and admire my pretty open shelves! 1113_8518

A while back someone asked me about our in wall extractor. Does it work? Are you happy with it? To be honest, I don’t think it works as well as a range hood, but it was the best option for our kitchen, and I’m happy with it. The functionality and prettiness far outweigh the little bit of extra cleaning that is required. I used this homemade cleaner on the shelves, and it worked marvellously.1113_8519

Love these shelves, love my kitchen!

And… I’ve just painted a third coat on another little laminated timber project that I hope to share after the weekend… can’t wait!

For a less permanent and much smaller taste of open shelving, a plate rack is a cute idea too – like this photo from Mousehouse.

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