Small Spaces: An expansion pod

First: my apologies for being rather absent of late. I don’t even have an amazing excuse. The fact is, life is busy and there will always be something that doesn’t get done. At the moment it’s the blog. And DIY projects. But we’ll be back, just you wait! (Interesting note: October last year was something of a non event too… therefore I can blame the weather entirely!)

This little extension to a family’s liveable space has got me back on here posting late afternoon this grey Friday. Anything tiny and well organised with a whole lot of function (and storage) built in has me wanting to move right on in. Maybe it’s a deeply hidden fear of housework?

While it’s designed to be a standalone dwelling complete with room for sleeping, bathing, dining and living, it is closely linked with the main family house and can therefore function as extra living area when required.

The interior is both minimal and cosy. Functional built in storage is offset with more homely furniture and some unexpected colour. And right now I love anything that has a hanging plant!

See that splashback at the far end? Lego. Made by the daughter of the family and her friends. I like that, even though it puts my little Lego construction to shame!

These awesome hand charred beams made me want to be a copycat and have them on our deck too.



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