Living in a lolly factory

I’m more of a chocolate than lollies girl but you wouldn’t have to ask me twice about having a poke around this Sydney lolly factory.

Converted to a texture-filled and edgy urban space by comedian Merrick Watts and his young family, it’s a dream home for those who have a fondness for raw materials and industrial style.

Not surprising, it was this photo of the outdoor space that got me. I do so love those exposed roof trusses, the hanging baskets, brick wall and the above ground pool. Oh and those chairs – how cool are they?! No home should be without a pop of mid century amazingness.

I’m hoping our own under-construction backyard pulls together its crazy mix of texture and material into something nearly as fabulous as this!

While the colour palette is rather moody and mysterious, the raw materials and combined textures add warmth and homeliness. Artfully stuffed flowers in vases help too.

One more, then I’ll leave you to see the rest for yourself over at Real Living. Big giant bookshelf – always a good idea!

Spotted this one via Studio Home – the go to place for Kiwi and Aussie creativeness.


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