A no DIY weekend

If you’re wondering why things are happening a little slowly here in the Duck Egg Blue house at the moment, one of the reasons is we keep taking off to some place else!

A few weeks ago it was to spend time with good friends in Christchurch, and last weekend we packed our bags again and headed north to Baylys Beach. It’s one of those places that make you realise why New Zealand is such a special country.

Of course there was some second hand shopping, but alas we came away with nothing. Always, always worth a look though!


But for the most part of the weekend we got a fresh dose of sunshine and sea air, and sand between our toes – bliss! We could totally forgive the cold wind, because of the promise of summer in the sunshine.

There was awkward dune surfing (or sliding):1008_1573

Family rides on the motorbike (yes, all four of us!): 1008_1613

With Miss E up front (she looooved it!):

1008_1631And some helpful advice from Master W before I ventured off on a wobbly solo ride:


This surely must be the worlds most stunning official highway?1008_1620By the way, construction of the deck is underway. I’m listening to sawing and hammering right now! It’s a beautiful sound.

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