Backyard update: Getting productive

After a few weeks of demolition fun out the back we had a short break in Christchurch, and now, as of last weekend, we’re into production of a new deck!

But first, a couple more prep steps from the previous weekend – digging some giant, child-sized post holes, and waterblasting. Our kid sized earmuffs by Peltor are our most used DIY item! They prevent many tears and fears and meltdowns – totally recommend them if you have some projects planned with little ones around.

1001_1289 1001_8006 1001_8016

I had no part in this particular job, but could see from afar that it was pretty tough going. I was a one woman cheer team on the sidelines but I don’t think it helped much. Under our entire section is a whole lot of rock. Everywhere we happen to dig we hit rock (unless of course we hit concrete first!). So it was a good thing this little guy was super keen to help. 1001_8018

Four giant post holes later and some sign ply standing by to cover them up and prevent losing the kids.


Then it was my turn in the backyard to waterblast the last corner of fence (we cleaned up most of the fence a few months ago). And because waterblasting is a little bit addictive (try it if you haven’t… it’s good clean fun!) a few more things got cleaned up in the process…


I was too excited to get a before shot of the fence, but here’s “the concrete terraces” before and after…



Andre got caught up in the fun on a roundabout way back from the garage to changing some brake pads on my car, hence the CRC or whatever he’s holding…1001_1413

And that brings us to the start of last weekend. Post holes ready and waiting, levels marked and much contemplation of required materials.

1001_8176After a trip out to get builders mix, cement and posts, it was all go to get them in.






They are just four timber posts but I am just so pleased to see them everytime I look out the window. They are the humble beginning of our fabulous new deck!

And see that pile of dirt that has been hanging around like a bad smell since way back when we dug up the back lawn?1001_8197It’s gone!     1001_8200

All gone!1001_8201

And it only sat here in the trailer for a couple of days. Now it is totally gone gone!


There is just this small problem of the old decking timber… earmarked for next winters firewood, so it’s a matter of chopping it into fireplace sized pieces. Next weekend…!


And these three remaining trees along the side fence are out of here real soon too. Which will make our backyard feel completely exposed until we get some more planting done and it establishes itself. One step back… two steps forward. We did think about leaving them there, but I really dislike that yucca-type in the corner, and the ones near the house are actually pushing on the fence and will also be in the way of the screen we have planned for that side of the deck. 1001_8203To prepare you for some further deck building progress, the top of the post nearest the fence is about where the deck will sit, so it is pretty high up against the fence, hence our need for screening and creative handrail design, to give us some privacy and of course a safe barrier to keep adventurous ones from tumbling over to the concrete below. I hope to share some of my sketches and inspiration pictures later in the week. The advantage is some great storage space under the deck for the kids outdoor toys, garden equipment etc.

Our backyard is a few steps further from a wasteland and a few steps nearer to an oasis – hooray!

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