Small spaces: Concrete cabin style

Oh wowee wow! Tiny and portable and so comfortably styled. I’m a sucker for it every time.

Found this one via Bloglovin at My Scandinavian Retreat, who I follow on Instagram.

They’re on a concrete kick at the moment, which is where this gorgeous cabin came in. It’s clad in concrete panels – roof and all. And look at those little “fold back the flaps” – how cute and smart!

But it’s the interior I love bestest. The pitched ceiling is perfect for a small space. A shelf running the length of the room at ceiling height – oooh yes, how smart is that?! Never say no to a comfy leather couch. And those massive sliding glass doors are key to opening up the space.

A very minimal kitchen looks great, but you might want to keep dinner parties for someplace else. This is a cosy space for two!


A perfect little weekend hideaway if you’re lucky enough to indulge in one! It is definitely on my wishlist.

Designed by ABATON.

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