Small spaces: Organic gardening


The beautiful winter sunshine is turning my head outdoors at the moment… and the weekend brought some much needed pottering (love that word!) in the garden after too many weeks of neglect.


I’m not much of a gardener, but I’m learning, thanks to Xanthe White and her Organic Vegetable Gardening book. Before each planting session I sit and pore over it and make a list for the garden centre. This time it was beetroot (apparently so easy but I’m still trying to grow something bigger than a baby’s fist), cauliflower, lettuce, potatoes, and celery. I was also looking for marigolds, basil and horseradish as companions for the above but I’m a bit early… The book even comes outside with me when I’m planting so I can work out the best positioning for my plants to give them a chance at flourishing!


For beginner gardeners like myself, small raised garden beds feel more manageable than one big garden and the brick beds Xanthe creates in her book are such a gorgeous example. They inspired our original back yard plan, but we’ve veered to more of a play space out back now, and will probably keep our vege garden along the side of the house where it is now. Definitely hoping to incorporate some brick out back still though…!



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