Small spaces: A home away

0710_4927 It’s been far too long since we had a motorhome holiday. Three years… how did that happen? So today, I’m craving a camper road trip and I’ve just wasted some time looking around for the perfect family campervan. Dreams are free! Motorhomes are not. Although winter hire is all but free… truly. Get a quote – you might be surprised! Just make sure you get one with a gas heater as well as electric, if you plan to free camp.

So… my requirements for the perfect family home away from home:

– Small ie. van chassis rather than truck
– Permanently set up bed (so much easier for afternoon naps, and at night the kids can start there and be transferred once mum and dad are done relaxing in the living area)
– Forward facing passenger seats up the front, with full 3 point seat belts
– Storage in every nook and cranny (up, down, behind, inside, under… everywhere!)
– A shower head outside (or at least one that reaches out a bathroom window)
– Mozzie screens on every window
– A doormat and a big sign – “Shoes off inside”

Haha! Some of these requests are biggies, others are just little things. But it’s definitely the little things that make a huge difference in van life.


This campervan is by Trail Lite, from their Basecamp series. It’s the Akaroa 43 Lowline. Isn’t it gorgeous?! While it’s not an option to purchase unless you’re in a position to consider a holiday home, you can live the dream by hiring one. A motorhome trip is such a fabulous way to see a country. You can go at your own pace, and you’ve always got the home comforts to hand. If you have children, there’s no hassle of early check-ins/late check-outs so sleeps aren’t disrupted.

I’m a bit biased, having spent an amazing 6 months in one (top photo!) but I do think it should be on everyone’s to do list at least once in a lifetime. Yes definitely!




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