Pin of the day: An awesome awning

The weekend involved some sitting in the backyard, discussing the new deck build. Sometimes I get a little frustrated with so much discussion, and it seems to take for ever and ever to get on and make things happen. But, all that talking around in circles means facing the challenges and coming up with new ideas… all of which lead to something just perfect in the end! I just need to learn a little patience… hate that!

So today, post discussion and a few small spanners in my plans, I’m doing my best to visualise the deck part of our backyard plan, and come up with some potential solutions for an awning or roof of some sort, and a handrail or screen for the sides of the deck.

Modern awning, white stone, arty fence

I’m starting with this, which gives me much food for thought. I really love that awning, and just hope Andre and his dad (our builder) will refrain from rolling their eyes. And I already have a saved search on Trade Me for a wrought iron panel to incorporate somewhere… As for those tiled places to perch – they are ticking away in my mind too.

Oh I do feel for the men who will be doing their best to cater to my dreams!



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