Red, white & blue

In a far off land called the U S of A…
They’re celebrating Independence Day!

Oh my Dad will be so proud of me for that little ditty! But moving right along…

In honour of my readers from the land of the independents I’m all about red, white and blue today. And personally, I’m grateful for this little home of ours that we can stamp (and are stamping) with our very own brand of independence. Hooray for the mortgage!

Here’s what I found on a wander around the house with my red, white and blue glasses on… surprisingly much:0704_Red-white-blue

– Stars and stripes of a slightly kiwi variety… WE – independent but united… how clever am I with this theme?!
– Our lounge maps. Totally missed the celebrating country but the colour theme got a bit murky if I included it… sorry Americans!
– My bedside notebooks for recording the good, the bad and the ugly of the kids lives (yes, only two kids but I’m already prepared with two notebooks each)
– The recent city scape and sweet quilt in the kids bedroom
– An inherited retro fan and some tin soldiers
– Just two of Andre’s red, white and blue check shirt collection (they rarely make it onto hangers in the wardrobe)
– Our gorgeous and vibrant Persian floor rug

Many years ago when I was 12ish, I was super lucky enough to spend the fourth of July at Disneyland. In California. To this day I have never been part of a more packed crowd of celebrating people, and I still remember the awesome feeling. Thanks America, have a great day!


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