Small spaces: A cityscape for good

I’m sure I had some awesome little space to share with you today… but overnight, it’s disappeared into the recesses of my brain (probably never to be found again).

However, I have something else just as awesome (and still on a small scale) to share with you. I first saw these cuties via Citta Design on Instagram, then on the Fancy blog. And I’m such a sucker for l’il things.

These l’il things are especially sweet because of their story.

Image of City Scape

Do you know what? This little set of town houses is made with love from Christchurch. Rekindle is an enterprise with a socially and environmentally responsible heart, working to make beautiful things out of the broken up bits of a city devasted by earthquakes. Coming up is a kids version, free from nasties like lead paint and splinters.

Image of Building blocks

They also do jewellery and real size furniture. Go Christchurch, go creativity from challenges, go preserving histories, go Rekindle!




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