Sitting on the fence


Posed photo…? How did you guess?!

I’ve been given a hurry along to make some decisions around here. Our builder (father-in-law) is about done with his current project and he’s going to help us out with some projects once again. Awesome!

So… no more sitting on the fence. Thank goodness… it was a bit uncomfy! Next time you see me I’ll be sitting right on our super coolie chair.

Decision number 1: Deck. Do we keep it to it’s current compact size and work with the concrete down below, or do we go all out and deck the whole back yard in ups and downs?

Decision number 2: Wardrobe. You guys helped me out with this decision – thanks heaps! Glad to say I won the freestanding is the best argument (80ish%!). Buuut… we’re still undecided.

So, much contemplation this weekend. Although it won’t stop me going to the fair!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend too…

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