Don’t be a wallflower

Yesterday I shared a photo (via Roomie) on Facebook of a colourful kitchen in Scandinavia. For those of you who missed it – here’s another peek!

Don’t you love the personality?! Kitchens can tend to be pretty sterile places, but this one is anything but. I’m wondering if that rug is meant to look a little like grass…? Or is that just me feeling like this kitchen is a walk through Nana’s garden? I’m sure we’ll agree though that the wallpaper totally makes this kitchen special.

So… wallpaper it is. Wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper.


Clockwise from top left, as always:

– Paper your furniture if you think walls are boring… Geometric by Cole & Sons, from Wall St
Olden Times from The Inside – reeetro! (By the way, 80% off at The Inside at the moment!)
– Miss Print’s Saplings Turquoise Gold via Paper Room – had to include a Miss Print paper… my Muscat Small Duck Egg Blue is still my fave (see below!)
– Stripes and dots by Vision Wallcoverings – this one is all matchy-matchy with my new filing labels!
– My bestest favourite… Ophelia Delft by Designer’s Guild, from Allium. They also have a rug available which I reeeally want.

Here’s my teensy slice of wallpapered home:


It’s the Duck Egg Blue diy version of a custom painted splashback. Wallpaper with clear float glass over top. But don’t forget to silicone around the edges so no icky cooking residue or bugs get in. Easy peasy and budget friendly!

Nice huh?

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