Building up a steep hill

In honour of a conversation with a friend this morning, I’ve been looking at awesome houses on impossibly steep sections. Steep sites can be scary. Excavation, engineering, expensive, eeekkk! But what about exciting, or endless possibility? And even less expensive than you thought?

Pole houses used to be ugly. Now they are award-winning and they have lots of good-looking friends. Like these ones…


Clockwise from top left:

Mediterrani 32 by Barcelona-based Daniel Isern – this one looks like you could climb it like a tree. Probably feels like that inside too with it’s pretty bush outlook from every room.

Portugal’s Tolo House – kind of farfetched looking from this point of view. Beyond that ‘park your car on top of your house’ slab the house tumbles down the hill – impressive!

Pianists retreat in Austria – that view… Mountain mist looks better when you get nearly 360° of it.

Container in a tree – shipping containers are a bit obligatory in a steep site house round up. No idea about the location or designer of this one but it gets an extra star for being a treehouse as well.

Dogbox by Patchwork Architecture – a newly completed Kiwi DIY project. Nothing short of ingenius, at NZ$180k plus labour. Totally amazing.

Anyone know of a cheap steep section? I could be tempted…


3 thoughts on “Building up a steep hill

  1. jengrantmorris

    Not sure who owns or if it’s for sale it but there is a very steep section next to my house here in Pukekohe. I always wondered if anyone will ever actually build on it.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Thanks Jen – a move to the country sounds quite pleasant… Although Pukekohe is actually getting quite metropolitan now isn’t it?!

      1. jengrantmorris

        We love it out here – best of both worlds! Countryside around us, but close to everything we need. Oh, and cheaper than further north.

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