Pin of the day: Leather strapped shelves

These shelves have been popping up in my world a bit lately, and at first I just admired them and carried on. But I couldn’t sleep last night, and in the process I decided it might be a good idea to replace the shelves in our lounge (just a few short months after buying them… oops) with a couple of gorgeous timber shelves held up with some leather straps, perhaps with a console underneath??

The thing is, despite mulling over the purchase of these Lundia shelves (we actually bought them from Second Gear) for quite some time, and spending a reasonable amount of dollars on them, they just don’t fit right in our lounge. (Sorry about the crooked photo… and the styling? Yes well… it’s Monday which means no child free moments for me. Styling involves moving the clothes airer aside. That’s it.)IMG_0519

Paint them? Yes, we’ve thought about it, but it just doesn’t feel right for some reason… and what colour would we paint them? White is too obvious and would just be one white too many for our lounge – which already has white(ish) walls and trim, white blinds, and a white lounge suite.IMG_0520

I’ve already relocated (in my mind) these shelves to the spare room – they will not be wasted.

It sounds like I’ve already made up my mind. I better hope Andre reads this post!

4 thoughts on “Pin of the day: Leather strapped shelves

  1. jengrantmorris

    What about staining them darker and doing some sort of leather strapping (maybe in an X) on the ends to dress it up?

    1. Jolene Post author

      Hmmm possibly. I know it’s fine to mix timbers and stains now but I’m still not a real fan and all the other timbers we have in the living area/kitchen are light. I’ve thought about it a little more since I posted, and I wonder if it’s the busyness of so many shelves and uprights that is the problem. Might just need to simplify the contents maybe?

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