Small Spaces: Cubular Containers

0605_CubularYou all know I have a thing for container houses. Hardly a month goes by when Andre and I don’t talk about where and when we’re going to build our container house.

There are more and more transportable buildings being designed and built all over the world. I like the simplicity of container buildings, as well as the challenge of the fixed footprint. Yes, there are lots of modified container plans but I’m not a fan of beginning with a container and pushing it beyond all recognition of it’s material, shape or size. I just don’t see the point. Surely the beauty of container buildings is in the potential for easy transport, offsite building, keeping costs down and reusing the giant blocks of steel that are no longer fit for their original purpose?

0605_CubularCubaSo I’m pretty excited to discover Cubular Container Building, who have made the most of the humble container. Right here in Kiwi-land.

With designs starting with a basic 20ft container they have options for backyard bunkrooms, right up to a 3 bedroom home using 3 40ft containers together. They also work beyond the residential and have options for pop up commercial buildings – and a cafe in Long Bay.

Many portable buildings are missing a whole lot in terms of style – Cubular Containers are not only simple, but they look good. Even on the inside.


Hopefully they’re still in business when Andre and I are ready to settle into a clutter free life on a remote site out the back of beyond. Or somewhere near the shops!

Note: Cubular Containers have no idea who I am – I just discovered them this morning on yet another internet trawl of container houses, and got excited enough to write about them.


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