To the polls

Here’s the thing: We have a disagreement in our house. It’s to do with the master bedroom wardrobe (or closet). We are trying to decide whether to work with the current built-in version, or replace it with something freestanding. I will do my best to present each side of the case in an unbiased way, to allow you to make your own choice. We’re going to the polls! Are you ready?!



Exhibit A (on the left): One pale apricot painted built in closet
– Likely the cheaper option to work with it
– A built in wardrobe can help to sell a house
– Lacking in style
– Prevents (future) curtain hanging freely as it butts right up to the window
– Restricted depth (due to window) means hanging clothes are pretty tight inside

Exhibit B (example, on the right): One beaten up freestanding wardrobe or closet – either one large to share or one each side by side*
– Can style it up with mismatched but complementary his and hers wardrobes
– Allows curtain to hang properly, with breathing space between closet and window
– Potentially more expensive
– Even narrower storage than current built-in
– May be detrimental to house sale price (when the time comes) even if wardrobe(s) are included in the chattels

*Not so pretty picture of a freestanding option so as to keep this a fair fight

Either way, some vision is required for this task – as awesome as can be built in? Or as awesome as can be freestanding? What do you think? I’d love some help with solving our disagreement!

The polls are open:

Thank you. Please feel free to comment also, if you have anything further to contibute to this argument!

7 thoughts on “To the polls

  1. rosie

    If there is no other space in the room to add a built-in I think you’ll need a freestanding cupboard, but you’re right that built-ins sell houses.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Hmmm so much to consider but yes, Andre is adamant about the built in adding value to a sale. I think we might have to stick with built-in but modify it somehow… it’s not really big enough anyway. Thanks for your advice 🙂

  2. Sarah

    Use what you’ve got 🙂 Better for ree-sale, is already there, curtain can be solved with roman blind?

    1. Jolene Post author

      Hey Sarah, thanks for your advice – always appreciated 🙂 I do have a roller blind already on the window for night time, but would love to add sheer curtains to soften the blind and add a bit of romance to the bedroom! We are mulling over our options and hope to have it sorted this winter! Our master bedroom is hardly a haven of rest – it’s more like a nightmare in its current state. Really it is!

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