Thinking about log baskets


Hi Winter… nice that you waited until late May. I’m usually sick of lugging firewood already. This year, I’m determined to make it easier on myself with a superb log basket.

Counter clockwise from top:

Large Kobu basket from Freedom $99 – on the pricey side but also on the awesome side
Flax hamper from Homie $40 – a good size and I love the leather handles… but strong enough? Worth a try at that price.
Hogla basket from Trade Aid $75 – basic, functional, slim style
Rondo log basket from The Warehouse $30 (on sale now) – purpose built, nice shape and a bargain!

Hope you’re all keeping warm! Our insulation does seem to be helping but of course it’s not got reeeally cold yet…

3 thoughts on “Thinking about log baskets

  1. rosie

    I have the Warehouse Rondo one as a laundry basket in my bedroom and its great. Pays to look at each one in stock though as they vary in colour and shape a bit. I’m picky that way.

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