Shifting dirt and blasting water

Slowly, slowly, bit by bit…

Last time, progress was a trailer full of green stuff. Two weekends ago, progress was a trailer full of dirt. Last weekend, it was a water blasted (power washed) fence.

First, the dirt. There was a lot of this:

0521_7079Then one trailer full later and we had this:

0521_7085 A garden bed and a raised planter – gone.


There is another trailer load of soil, plus the giant yucca still to go, but we had a plan to clear away the bordering neighbours side of the fence first so we could waterblast that before they got home from an extended holiday. It’s noisy, it’s mucky, and it’s wet – not good for neighbourly relations. Best to do it when they’re not there and you have time to clean up on both sides of the fence when you’re done. Turned out we just made it with hours to spare!0521_7095



Here’s where I pleaded my turn. And then wouldn’t give it up until it was done, and turning to dusk, and I was cooo-ooold (and pretty icky – my grubby face is on instagram @duckeggblueblog)! 0521_7110

I gave it up then to this little red helmeted guy who loved it as much as his mama. I hovered pretty close at first, waiting for carnage, but he was pretty responsible with it and just had a lot of good clean (sort of) fun!

There’s still a bit to do along one side of the back fence (and then you just try and stop me around the rest of the house!) but I’m so glad to have the bit done that might have bothered the neighbours.

Here’s some before and afters, and now that it’s dry it looks even better than this:0521_7111 0521_backyardThere is a bit of damage to the lower part of the fence where the garden was up against it – probably not a big problem, but we will need to consider it when we decide where to go from here.

Out front, the grass is making slow progress but my fingers and toes are still crossed tight. I think we missed the best grass growing weather by a couple of weeks but there’s no giving up now. I have a dog coming to stay in a couple of weeks, and kids going crazy with being shut inside out of the mud… grow grass grow!


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