I see potential

At the end of Tuesdays mammoth front lawn post I mentioned that we’d started attacking the back yard. Here’s a summertime before photo for you, back when our house was apricot, and we hadn’t yet dug out the sorry excuse for a back lawn.0416_0343

A freshly laid ready lawn at the time we purchased our sweet little home soon let us know there was nothing but solid concrete just a few cms down. Summer = dead lawn, winter = mud pit. So we dug it out, and have been living with the conrete jungle since then.


Last weekend, with nothing to do out front except wait and see what damage all the rain has done to our new grass, we tackled what was left of the greenery out the back here.

This was my view from the french doors while Andre got started. There’s quite a big difference from house level to ground level, which makes things a little challenging (more on that tomorrow).0509_7056

This was my last progress shot before I downed the camera and got my gloves on. Rain was on its way…0509_7061

Thankfully we got it pretty well cleared out before this happened:


Little kids + rain + trying to get stuff done = way too much frustration. So we left the last bit of mess until after lunch when we could take little kids out of the equation and have them safely tucked in bed.

It doesn’t look pretty right now, but it’s progress and I’m so excited!


We’re saving the big succulent… might put him in a pot. And the yucca kind of thing sitting in the planter box is just waiting out its time until it shrivels enough to squish into the bin (our garden waste centre doesn’t take yucca’s as I think the leaves don’t break down??). The planter boxes will also make their way to the rubbish/firewood pile.


The last man tree standing got a last minute reprieve while we put some more thought into what we’re going to do back here, wondering if we should keep it. But at this point his days are numbered…

Weather permitting, all that dirt is outta here this weekend. And we’ll pick a time when the neighbours are away and get that grotty fence waterblasted!

Exciting times from there… can’t wait to share some plans with you tomorrow and see what you think!



5 thoughts on “I see potential

  1. Lauren Frost

    Loving watching your hard work 😀 We (really it was more like all Eldon) did all of ours when we moved in and so don’t have any big projects to get into and I kinda miss it so I have to make up things to do inside. However, there is a large vege patch to dig out and redo for winter so hopefully we’ll get to that next week.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Hi, thanks for coming to read my blog! We don’t seem to have any shortage of big or small projects around here. Let me know if you get too bored (your little boy must be too well behaved!) and I can send you some crafty things to keep you occupied! All the best with your vege patch – I’m sure it will be a flourishing one with both of you tending it…

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