Mud at the front door

After a second go over with Kiwicare’s Organic Weedfree Rapid, most greenery on our front patch had turned to brownery. So… plan A to borrow a digger didn’t work out. (Yes there were tears from Master W, and maybe even some from me!) And Andre didn’t get far beyond this corner before he threw in the towel spade and went to hire a digger. 0423_6981

First though, he dug out the cherry tree and we have put that aside for some lucky bidder.0423_6982

At $200 for half a day, diggers don’t come cheap. But sometimes you just have to deal with that. Especially when the sunny morning turns to a stormy afternoon, and you have way too many loads of washing due to sick kids. $200 well spent!

0423_6985 0423_6988

Our deadline to return the digger was 2pm, and the landscaping place where we planned to get some new topsoil closed at 3pm. So… for one rainy hour it was all go and we managed to get two loads of topsoil dumped on the drive by 3pm. Access onto the lawn is tight through that gate… so we resigned ourselves to shovelling in the rain. 0423_6990 0423_6991

I was pretty tired of sitting around a steamy house so I volunteered to shovel the first shift. Andre got to finish off, and did a great job removing all evidence of a pile of dirt on the drive.

Here’s how the front doorway looked all day. You know I’m fussy about grubby floors. Please wash up in the bucket, wipe your feet, and wipe them again!0423_6993

If I get a sunny moment combining with Miss E in bed, I’ll be out with Master W spreading the pile of dirt from one end of the front yard to the other… and yes, there’ll be another bucket at the front door! Right now it doesn’t look promising, but at least we have Thursday (Anzac Day) this week to get a little further ahead. Autumn is fast disappearing and the seed isn’t in yet…


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