Facebook… now what?


I’m starting this post with no idea if I’ll share it today or some other time.

The thing is… I’m on facebook. With not much of an idea how to use it… and only two likes (one of which is me as the page admin!). Am I too embarrassed to tell you to go and have a look and add a plea that you would like it?! Probably, but I might do it anyway.

I am not on facebook personally so it’s not familiar territory. But I’m not completely clueless and a few more likes will motivate me to make my page an interesting place to visit (hint!).

I’m also brand new to Instagram (having just got on the smartphone train with my mums old iphone… repeat: mums old iphone… shouldn’t that happen the other way around?!) and am trying to linky link that up to my facebook page so you have more than just my blog posts to feast your eyes on, should you deign to visit.

Go on… or Instagram @duckeggblueblog


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