And brown is the new green

0412_6943 Grass weeds be gone! Three days after spraying (we chose Kiwicare Organic Weedfree Rapid), and a patch of heavy rain on two of those days, things are very slowly dying off. Looks like we will have to reapply – there are some tough weeds in our front patch of dirt, which are showing no signs of wilting!

Here’s how we’re keeping the kids out of harms way. It doesn’t look good but it’s working!0412_69420412_6946

Apart from a second dose of spray there’s not much we can do here for a few days. This time next week we’ll be thinking about hiring a rotary hoe and picking up a load of new topsoil.

So tomorrow, if the rain stays away, that gate just might get some attention from a paintbrush.


2 thoughts on “And brown is the new green

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