Because green is the new grey

Hey Mr Big Concrete Slab… we had a date remember? It was fun, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing you again. We’re looking for something a little more… green.

0411_6892  Ten points for spotting the cute boy in the grey hoodie:0411_68950411_6930 Bonus points: Aww who’s the cutest l’il Daddy’s helper? Clue: Not the one in the high vis jacket.0411_6893

Here’s the updated front yard list:

Build and paint fence
Build and paint gate
Build and paint letterbox
Make a sweet spot for morning tea in the front yard
Remove concrete turning bay
Kill off lawn with Kiwicare Organic Weedfree Rapid
Fill in and level with new topsoil
Plant new grass seed
Plant climbing vine along inside of fence
Plant a row of something else at base of fence

It looks like we’ve still got a long list… but the worst is over. Can’t wait to get it finished and then I can tear up our master bedroom!

Here’s a little funny story: My car was parked on the street while the demo was happening. Once it was all done and just before heading out to visit friends for dinner, I shifted it back in. Andre was waiting with the kids in his car on the street. As I reversed back and forth a bit to get around the corner (I normally drive in forwards – smoothly) he was watching with this “bemused man watching a woman driving a car” face. I was halfway into my manuevering when I remembered the pile of broken up concrete where my parking space used to be! Ooops!

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