Stripes for winter

Since Master W moved out of his cot, I’ve been searching for a simple striped duvet cover that costs a whole lot less than this one.

It was a fruitless search. But a rack of table cloths at Spotlight caught my eye a few weeks ago. My brain said “Ah hah!”. And then it said “Oooh! Lookie here – one blue and one red! Perfect because I can make up my mind which to use later… and then change it!” And then it said “Oh 150x300cm – plenty big enough…” And then it said “Yes, marked down – $10 each! That’s a perfect duvet cover for $20 give or take!” As for how to turn two table cloths into one duvet cover, well I had a vague idea, and a foolproof back up in the name of my mother-in-law.

But first, plan A. A single duvet cover size (in NZ) is 140 x 210cm. At 150 x 300cm these table cloths were just fine. I opted to leave the width at 150cm, and took 80cm off the end of each one – allowing myself a forgiving 10cm each way.


Once cut, I remembered I should have washed them first… having no idea if they were prewashed. So my cut edge got a bit messy… hmmmm.


A quick trim lost me another 5mm, but no matter – we’re still 95mm up in theory! Because I’m not good with straight lines, and I wanted to give hem tape a go, I took the easy way out. This Heat n Bond tape was about $9 from Spotlight. It worked a charm, but I did find I had to double the time it said for pressing to ensure a good bond.0409_6907

Then it was to this trusty vintage Pfaff which came to us via Andre’s Oma… complete with an instruction booklet in Dutch. Thank goodness for pictures!  0409_6911

Brrmmm! Brrrrrmmm! 0409_6912 0409_6915

Hmmm… here’s why I should have measured 220cm from one end rather than 80cm from the other. The tablecloths were not both 300cm as stated. A second trim and another go at hem tape and I’m minus another 5cm. Starting to cut it a little fine…0409_6917

At this point I was feeling a bit embarrassed actually, and annoyed with myself. So I went full steam ahead to get it finished and “THEN I will see if it’s going to fit!” So there are no photos of me sewing up the end or adding a zip (you can be thankful… it was my first zip since the first one I ever did at intermediate school sewing class). The end of the story goes well… zip works, duvet fits (just) and I’m pretty proud of my efforts! I had about 30 seconds to give it a trial run before the kids came back from a walk with Dad…0409_6921 0409_6924 0409_6925 0409_6926 0409_6927 0409_6928 0409_6929

At less than $35 plus a couple of hours work, I have just the duvet cover I was looking for. Plus a bit more because I have a navy or a red option. I’m not sure yet which side will get the most use – it depends entirely what I come up with for Miss E’s big girl bed I guess. But the multicoloured way things are looking right now, either one works just as well.

Note 1: The pillow and cushions make an appearance for the purposes of these photos only – Master W sleeps right on the bed. Until he asks for a pillow I’m not giving him one. It’s simpler that way!

Note 2: Yes, the yarn wrapped W got mauled by a certain small boy. He might have to wait a few birthdays for another one.

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