A smashing time at the palace

Aaah Easter! I miss you already…

We packed ourselves up and drove into the night , arriving in Ohakune sometime after 9pm on Thursday. Just so I could eat as many chocolate eggs as I could get my hands on, I started the holiday with a mountain bike ride. It took a few spas to get over it and a little jaunt around town on Monday still had me howling in discomfort. But it was worth a few hours of peace and quiet in the bush!

My favourite outing though was to Smash Palace. Otherwise known as the Horopito Car Museum.


We got there just in time to catch more Minis than I’ve ever seen heading off on the next leg of the Pork Pie Charity Run. They were having a great timeĀ raising money for the Leukaemia & Blood Cancer foundation.

Once the dust settled we wandered on in and proceeded to waste a whole chunk of time just getting some time in the sun among acres of rusting metal. Loved it.

0404_6788 0404_6793 0404_6811

0404_6823 0404_6822 0404_6819 0404_6818

0404_6826 0404_6829 0404_6836 0404_6843 0404_6848

Hungry tummies and a depleted food supply sent us on our way. But we’ll be back.

If you’re passing, do stop in. For a coin donation it’s well worth a rest stop and a decent leg stretch. If you have come prepared you can eat your lunch on the sagging porch. The chairs might be old, but they’re pretty comfy.

Oh, and don’t forget your camera.


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