Small spaces: The little house that wasn’t

before renovation

This cute little building began life as a substation, with nary (shall we make that “word of the week”? Yes I think we shall!) a dream of becoming a home. But home it became.

If you want to see how, have a look here. But I’m just saying…:

Don’t look. The before is better… in my opinion. Allow me to play “if I bought this house…”

If I bought this house (well, substation) I wouldn’t change a thing about the outside. I love how it looks right there in that before photo above. Leave the door, leave the trees, don’t paint… please, don’t even tidy that grass. Inside, would be a homely haven of unexpectedness, but made even more so by the judgement made on the front facade.

“I’m a little power station short and stout… here is my front door and here is my… ahah! Tricked you – here is my home!”

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