A colourful past

One of the things I love about having a many times over pre-loved house is that there’s always stories to be found. Every hole left in the wall by a picture hook… every scuff mark on the door frame… every scratch in the floorboards… and every coat of paint on the walls tells a story that only the house knows. We, as current inhabitants, can only guess at the life this house has seen.

After tearing out the garden below one of the front bedrooms, and laying some pavers for a patio area, we were left with baseboard in need of a repaint to match the rest of the house. But first… sanding.0321_6638

Craving some sense of personal achievement I sent Andre out with the kids to pick up some paint for this, and the gate, while I donned a mask, goggles and earmuffs and got to it. It’s best to take the safe option at times like this where there are multiple layers of paint, and you know some of them were applied prior to days of lead free paints, and assume you’re dealing with the nasty stuff. Hence the mask and goggles, and sending the kids well out of the way. I also made sure I cleaned myself up well once I was done.0321_6645

This is what I was dealing with… icky flaky bits that weren’t going to be helpful in holding onto the latest layer of paint.0321_6653

With rain on the way and the kids due back at any moment I got schmoozing all the flaky bits away. Aaaahh much better!0321_6654

I love how it looks like a world map… and I bet this house has stories to tell that would compete with those of a world traveller! If only walls could talk. And if only my sanding efforts didn’t have me dashing to the phsyio 48hrs later.

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