Pin of the Day: DIY Kids Kitchen

Christmas and my kids birthdays are a long way off but I’m planning a gift that might take me the rest of the year to pull together – a diy kids kitchen which needs to be big enough for them both. They are also (like most kids I’m sure) not fooled by plastic kids versions so I plan to begin collecting kids size versions of real utensils, pots etc. There are loads of inspiring play kitchens out there – I like this one… I have pegboard to use! And the little girl reminds me of my future Miss E… aww!

PS. Sorry I missed yesterday – I had an emergency trip to the physio but today is going better!

3 thoughts on “Pin of the Day: DIY Kids Kitchen

  1. Amanda

    There are some great DIY play kitchens on the net. I’ve seen one made from a converted bedside chest of drawers. This one is super cute. Hope you give it a go. Our play kitchen gets used EVERY day πŸ™‚

    1. Jolene Post author

      Yes there are probably too many inspiring pictures to be found… if I combine all the things I like in a play kitchen it will take up the whole room! Obviously I’ll keep you posted when it happens. Love the pictures of your girls by the way – good to make a commitment to get the camera out regularly πŸ™‚

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