A glossy black fence

Done. I can put the paintbrush down… right next to the gate and a bucket of primer… sigh! The fence was by far the biggest part of the “paint the front yard” project though and it feels good to have it complete. After a week of getting out there every day and getting a suntan while I was at it, I’ve been ignoring the last stretch for more than a month. But it’s done now. Let’s just go and look at it… 0314_64970314_6610 0314_6499 0314_6498

This is a terrible photo (I’ve been venturing far beyond auto on my camera and mostly having successes – this just wasn’t one of them) but it does show the finished fence and the work in progress everything else. The letterbox got installed last weekend, and I plan to keep going with painting the gate this weekend. Beyond that we will tackle what was the lawn. I’m excited – I love this new space of ours!

2 thoughts on “A glossy black fence

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