Paying the tradesmen

Last week, husbands got the worst jobs.

This week, tradesmen get even worse ones. We just pay them – easy!


Today is the beginning of autumn (or fall) here in NZ. In our house, we’ve marked the occasion with the installation of underfloor and ceiling insulation. Quite appropriate.


I’m excited to have this done – it’s been quoted, and requoted and put on the backburner. Then, after a chat with a friend last November who agreed that our quoted prices seemed a bit high (just over $2k, for 77sqm) I got one last round of quotes from Placemakers and Bunnings.

Et voila! $1500 or thereabouts. The difference was not in the provider, or the product quoted. It was the time of year. Summer discount? Yes, I’ll take it. So, a tip for anyone looking to insulate – it’s about 25% cheaper to have it done in the summer.

Because we are DIYers, we did actually look into doing this ourselves. However, with the Energywise funding it barely saves any dollars, and you have the nasty task of installing it. Trust me – sometimes it’s best to pay someone else.

We went with NZ Insulation as the contractor. I believe they operate on behalf of the Autex Greenstuf Insulation Programme, under The Insulation Company. The system is a little confusing – there are suppliers (ie. Greenstuf, Pink Batts), and providers (ie. Bunnings, The Insulation Company), and contractors/installers (ie. NZ Insulation) – and became even more so when there was a change to how they all matched up between getting our quote and the installation done. We started the process with NZ Insulation who were the installers for Bunnings at quote stage. The sole reason for our choice was that we like Bunnings – they give us discounts. But in the end, all my dealings were with NZ Insulation, the payment went to The Insulation Company and Greenstuf was the product installed. On top of that I booked an installation over the phone, for last Friday, but a phone call at 9am on the day confirmed my suspicion it wasn’t going to happen. Crossed wires? I rebooked for today, and they turned up right after I got dressed at 8am. Perfect!

Here’s to a warm autumn and a cosy winter!



8 thoughts on “Paying the tradesmen

  1. Sarah

    Thanks for the reminder – had been meaning to get a quote to insulate the rental property we bought 6 months ago and had no idea quotes would differ in summer months!! We had our house done Sept 2011 (3 months after we moved in) and even at that time of year it made SUCH a difference. And, I heard a whisper that the energy wise funding comes to an end in the middle of this year … not sure if its true, but better safe than sorry!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Great to know it does make a difference! We’ve suffered two winters already… Thanks for the tip about the funding coming to an end (if it’s true)!

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