Husbands DO get the worst jobs

We’re getting insulated! Fingers crossed for a cosier third winter in this l’il home of ours. Like the exterior painting, and trim touching up, we’re not doing it ourselves. Hooray for that.

But… before the new insulation can be put in “we” had to deal with the DIY job under the house. A previous owner had spent a horrendous amount of time in the depths of dark beyond fixing polystyrene between all the joists. I’m sure it helped, but here’s hoping some GreenStuf will do a better job.

I played the “I’m better at putting the kids to bed” card (desperate measures!) while Andre braved the rats and crawled away into the underbelly of our house. I made sure to give him a goodbye kiss.



He’s the bestest.

And he made it out but had to wait until he had a shower before he got a thank you hug!



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