A different kind of Lego storage


This is what I call Mum Lego. As pinned and blogged about 3 months ago I’ve been waiting for one of these. I bought my very own box of Lego along with Master W’s birthday order and after making a similar one for my sister-in-law (who helpfully repinned my pin and gave me a hint for Christmas) I had it hidden away so it didn’t get merged with the “play” Lego.

In a couple of short building sessions I was done! It’s not ideal as a pen holder as I’ve photographed it (too short) but I’m pretty sure I’ll find a use for it somewhere. I’d like to build a big one to hold the laundry bench paraphernalia but I’m all outta decent blocks.

Bonus: There were some eyes peering out from the bottom of my box so they got some bodies… let me introduce my new friends:


Lowly Worm, and Ol’ Cross Eyes (a Lego interpretation of the little guy at the bottom of this post – I’ve missed him since he’s been relocated to the baby memories box).

Update: I’ve shared this project on the Young House Love Pinterest Challenge. Loads more Pinterest inspired projects to see there if you’re interested.


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