Small spaces: The Kiwi Bach

Here’s something you don’t know about me: I LOVE small. There is just something about little places and things that makes my heart sing. My favourite homes (I’ve lived in 9 so far) have been the teensiest ones – the teensiest of all was our “Tally” camper which was home for 6 months. One day I might live in a container house.

Just spotted this Crosson Clarke Carnachan inspiration on Little Diggs, quite a coincidence because I was also reading a HOME magazine article on it just the other day.


It sits right on the sand somewhere up the Coromandel Peninsula. Good thing it closes up like a mystery box when not in use, otherwise I might be tempted to hunt it down and peer inside.


The whole construction is on skids so it can be trucked off to a new location – “bored with this beach? Mmm… let’s try the other coast!”

This kind of simplicity really makes me want to go on a declutter splurge. Do I need it? NO! Throw it away!


The one thing, actually two, I would have to change is the colour of those chairs, and some of that woodgrain would just have to be painted white. Nothing at all against woodgrain, I just don’t like that living inside a tree feeling – gets a little claustrophobic after a while.


The thing with small spaces, is you have to get creative and make use of every single available space – that’s just my kind of challenge. There’s room for three kids and all their belongings in around a 2 sqm footprint. Mum and Dad get the room up the top, and access to a roof deck.


I’m having visions of moving to the Coromandel… shhhh don’t tell Andre (he’d be there already if it wasn’t for me)!

All images from here via here.


2 thoughts on “Small spaces: The Kiwi Bach

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