The Bloc

In my bloggy travels this morning I went past Fancy (I like to do a virtual drive by there every couple of days – it’s smile-worthy) and found a detour sign pointing me to The Bloc. Great. I.D.E.A.

If you’re like me – you like to have a bunch of beautiful things to look at all at the same time. I don’t like to have it interrupted with unbeautifulness. Yuck no. The Bloc is home to a collection of …ooohhh… “design focused brands and people” they say. One such brand is Citta Design whose design inspiration this season is Londontown. Having lived the London life for a brief period in my distant past I was a bit interested to see what they made of it. What they made was a flat-full of characters, all bringing their own personalities and idiosyncrasies to the table. I like them all, but my favourite would be the English Rose lounging on the plush sofa under the trees. I’d be her. Actually… I was her one sunny English afternoon at a friends flat in Hampstead Garden Suburb. Although we refrained from dragging the sofa out doors – the neighbours were a bit proper. We just did pillows.


But I digress… The Bloc. Also home to BoConcept (which is a lot over my budget but I can look can’t I?), Pencil Boutique, Collected, Douglas and Bec and a few other snazzy boutiques. Must put this place on my “sans kids” list.

Top image from Citta Design.

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