One up for the girls

Our house is very much gender neutral… we don’t go for a lot of any one colour, just because we don’t have a stand out favourite when it comes to decorating. (Duck egg blue is my bestest, but a bit surprisingly I haven’t really used it as a decor colour.)

However, with a few little post-party additions to Miss E’s current bedroom (she’ll be moving on in with Master W when the time is right…), it’s looking quite girly in there. It’s sweet! 0218_6298 The garlands I made for Miss E’s party and I’m so glad to reuse them here. They took a few hours to make…


These cushions were birthday presents – the floral/quilted one on the left from Mama and the owl on the right from Aunty Sarah! They look so cute together.


This tallboy is a makeover project which I never did document here because it was during my rebellious “I’m just going to do this and NOT take any photos for the blog” stage. Sorry! I must say though that it was very liberating. The colour is Dulux Whakaki Lagoon. I might just have to eat my words of two minutes ago… it’s a delicate duck egg blue and I love it! The plan is to move this into the shared kids room so it wasn’t painted with green in mind. The little drawer knobs are from Etsy – they have cute wee houses painted on them. Miss E loves them!


It feels good to walk into Miss E’s bedroom now – it has always been one of my favourite rooms in the house as it gets a lot of sun. But it’s been a bit of a dumping ground (see here and here) for so long and has never had any attention besides shuffling of furniture. But with it’s trim freshened up and some touches of pink (and duck egg blue) I might even be sad to move Miss E and her duck egg blue tallboy out and have to revert to something more neutral for guests.



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