Pin of the day: Bamboo screening

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Now that the front yard is well under way, my thoughts are turning again to the dismal back yard.
We desperately need some fast growing greenery to screen out the neighbours. It’s not that they are nosy at all, but I’m loving the “oursness” of our front yard now that we don’t have to share it with everyone who walks by on the street, and it’d be great to have our backyard all to ourselves too. Our house sits much higher than the neighbours and we peer down on their front door. It actually feels like we are intruding on them, knowing all their comings and goings.
What do you think about bamboo as a green screen? I’m in two minds about it – so go on, convince me!

4 thoughts on “Pin of the day: Bamboo screening

  1. Sarah

    I mentioned this to my husband as we have a low fence on our boundary with a lovely but very popular park – so we want to keep the view out to the lovely trees but stop random people waving to us in our back garden! When I suggested bamboo he said “Nooooooooo!”. Apparently invasive, and massively tall, and would cause lots of problems. Humph. The baby feijoa trees are still only about 30cm high so not really achieving much yet!

    1. Jolene Post author

      He is right – some types of bamboo are definitely not for the faint-hearted. But, it seems there are “clumping” varieties that don’t tend to takeover cities overnight. I also understand varieties are available with varying maximum heights… however, I too am a little nervous about it at this point and haven’t decided if we’ll give it a go. Whatever we choose though, will be in planter boxes as we’re starting from a concrete base in our backyard. I would love to have a row of fruit trees – feijoa would be lovely, or citrus. But I don’t think we have the patience to wait 10 years for them to grow!

      1. Sarah

        Been pondering this … how about panels of horizontal trellis? Our fence is solid timber but low and the neighbour is precious about it, so ever since we moved in I have been thinking about putting in some tall freestanding posts against the fence and fixing framed horizontal trellis panels between the posts to screen the park. You could do them all joined up, or have them spaced with gaps in between. Might work to screen your neighbours? Stained dark like the new fence or same colour as base of the house?

      2. Jolene Post author

        Thanks Sarah – yes, I have considered horizontal trellis for sure. But the main reason we want to go with some kind of planting is it will be a bit more subtle than just putting up an obvious screen. The thing is, our neighbours are quite a lot lower than us, so I don’t want them to feel closed in – greenery just feels a bit friendlier to me, with the added bonus that we can plant it lower and it will grow to the ideal height without anyone noticing! Good luck with yours!

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