Ten minutes of work…

… hours of fun!

In the midst of the patio happenings we got all impulsive with a ten minute project using only materials to hand. It started with a problem… which was a pile of leftover sand right by the front door.


Entirely my problem… noone else was getting upset at sand being tracked into the house. But despite that, everyone was happy to pitch in with this project. Mama wanted the sand elsewhere, Dad didn’t want to have to dump it, and kids were excited about the end result.

A sand pit!

One minute of discussion later we had it sorted where we’d put it, and how we’d make it. At two minutes the area was raked clear of leaves. Four minutes had the weed mat cut and blocks on their way up from the back of the garage. Six minutes had them laid and kids climbing in.


Nine minutes had it full of sand, ten minutes had plants in the planter boxes, sand toys and kids all in and Andre and I standing back and saying “did we just do that?!”


It’s since had a plywood cover made (which is just lifted on and off as required) and the succulent cuttings are still alive in their bed of sand – perhaps they like it? I’m just as surprised that they haven’t been pulled out.

Because we have plans to redo the lawn in a few weeks time, this was intended as a temporary set up but I think we’ll all be a bit sad to deconstruct it…


5 thoughts on “Ten minutes of work…

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