Paving the way

Our little patio is progressing further. The goal was to have the stones laid for Miss E’s party, so we’ve been glad for all these public holidays lately to help us get the goal!

After this, I spent many back breaking hours shovelling dirt into a great long line of wheelbarrows, then handed over the job to Andre to sort the more technical side of things. He started with a base layer of builders mix.

0211_6055 0211_6057

I missed getting photos of some inbetween steps here – there was a lot of levelling, and compacting and laying of sand, and more levelling, before the business of laying the pavers began. We chose natural concrete pavers, because we want them to match (once they’ve weathered a bit) the concrete slab up against the house, that we found under the garden bed there. We also got smallish (300×300) ones because it’s a pretty small area to pave, and we want to grow moss between them, meaning we needed at least three rows for that to look effective.

0211_6094 0211_6099  Apologies – I missed the making of the concrete mowing strip (busy, busy painting fences) but you can spot it just there behind Andre’s feet.0211_6132

Here’s where things got interesting… we took a picnic to the bush one afternoon and picked up a bag of moss on our way out. As guided by Martha Stewart (sorry – can’t find the link anymore, but you can also get the details here on Apartment Therapy) we whipped it up with some yoghurt in the kitchen blender (errggghh!)…

0211_6129 … and poured it into the gaps between the pavers. It didn’t look promising.0211_6134

And what happened? Well… we didn’t actually give it long enough to find out as we had front yard guests arriving in a few days time and the fly-ridden, crusty brown ick didn’t go with the party decor. So for the time being, we’re back to sand and think we will stick with that until we can rely on some damper weather to keep it from drying out, and give it a chance to grow. This spot of the front yard only gets early sunlight, and I actually dug a bit of moss out with the grass, so there is no reason why we can’t stick with Plan A. We just need to be a little patient!

We got 33 pavers at around $160 with a small discount from Bunnings. Another $39 for half a cubic metre of sand (which was way too much), some free builders mix and already purchased cement meant this little project totalled under $200.

I still need to do a paint touch up on the house baseboards, where the painter didn’t get to due to the garden being in the way, obviously grow some moss, and add a whole bunch of potted plants before I can call this done, but it has actually been one of our fastest little projects. We… go… slow…!


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