Painting and tanning

Weary arms are at least a bit browner than usual!

I’ve been a-painting. And a-painting. And a-painting. And I’m not done yet. While the littlest one is in bed I’ve been outside with paintbrush in hand taking on the challenge to get just one more section done before she lets me know (via the baby monitor) time is up.


The fence is going black. It’s pretty black… it just needs one more coat on 50% of it. Problem is, the party is over (which was my motivation to get as far as I did) and Master W is back at kindy and not so free to entertain me with chatter while I get on with it.

On the palings I used the Aqualin Timber Stain, and on the concrete blocks I went with some Multiversal. Both smell pretty good in a non-toxic way and are waterbased so easy to clean up.

3 thoughts on “Painting and tanning

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