No more apricot

You’ve had sneak peeks, you’ve had teasing comments, and you’ve had to wait far too long.

Finally I have some before and afters of our (now) not so freshly painted exterior. I’ll leave it to the photos to make my apologies for the delay.0206_62910206_62900206_4217

The colour scheme is a wee bit bespoke (picture me with my nose in the air)…

We picked Resene colours, but our painter used Dulux paint… Back when we still had an apricot house we painted up a patch by the back door, and decided on Resene White for the windows and doors, Resene Eighth Friar Grey for the sills, gutterboards and baseboards, and Resene Half Concrete for the walls. However… the further the painter got with that the more my gut feeling said “stop him, stop him now!” I just knew if I didn’t I’d be forever annoyed… so stop him I did. The problem was there was no noticeable difference between the white of the windows and the Half Concrete of the walls. I took a bit of a punt and asked him to get a custom mix of Three Quarters Concrete. I didn’t want to go grey, but it needed to be just that little touch darker, to make the windows pop a bit. Bam!

If you need a painter in Auckland, Nick’s the man. He never complained, he accommodated sleeping children, was tolerant of my fear of dust in the house, and he was Cheap. CHEAP. One downside… it took weeks. His work days are a bit haphazard, and 4pm was a late knockoff. But one must overlook such things when ones self is no better. Shhh!


Yellow front door? Not so sure actually… it might be shortlived. And that doormat… time to go.


11 thoughts on “No more apricot

    1. Jolene Post author

      Yes – I think the colour really suits the house actually. We’re really happy with it! Glad you like the front door… enjoy it because it’s not going to stay that way… Although it might take us a couple of years to get around to repainting it!

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