Our home, our fortress

The fence got finished in 2012, the gate didn’t make it until 2013. After a holiday away in the beautiful Coromandel, our holiday at home was filled with the sound of saws chirping – as they do.

Halfway through drilling into concrete, skill-sawing through some reclaimed sign ply, welding, grinding and priming the frame (and likely a bunch of other processes I missed while hiding out of the sun… just kidding, see what I was up to here), we had this:


More of the same later and we had this!


And with the help of Photoshop, we’re visualising this (minus the substandard letterbox):


News, news! I no longer need to visualise the painted fence (or spot stained arms) but I guess you do until I get to the next fence post (ohhaha!)… sorry!

5 thoughts on “Our home, our fortress

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